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  • Discover the charm of sustainable 🌎 with my handcrafted artisan baskets. Its versatile nature makes it the perfect companion for your market days, a cozy yarn bag for your knitting projects, or a delightful holder for the fresh produce from your garden. It's a yarn story inspired to bring art back into everyday life.


    Perfectly sized,  10" diameter and 7" deep, it has plenty of room for all your finds.

    Help me decide the next color palette for these artisan baskets!

    Which hue speaks to you for a basket like this? I'm thinking of adding a splash of color to the next one. Pick one of the 4 options and send me a message with your favorite color!

    Option 1: Earthy Elegance (Greens & Browns)
    Option 2: Sunset Serenade (Oranges & Reds)
    Option 3: Ocean Whispers (Blues & Teals)
    Option 4: Write in Your Dream Color

    Thank you for being a part of my creative journey! 🌺




    More Baskets:


    Thanks so much for shopping with your fiber artist 💖



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    Artisan Basket - Cafe au Lait

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