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  • Brighten your home and your harvest with a Meadow Artisan Basket. This exquisite basket features a refreshing blend of green with flecks of yellow, capturing the vibrant essence of a sunlit meadow.


    Measuring 10" in diameter and 7" deep, it’s perfect for collecting fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden or from your local farmer’s market.

    Spot clean to maintain its radiant beauty.


    Color Inspiration:

    The Meadow Artisan Basket is inspired by the lush and vibrant colors of a sunlit meadow. The green symbolizes the fresh, thriving foliage, while the yellow flecks reflect the sunny warmth and cheerful wildflowers dotting the landscape. Together, these colors create a harmonious piece that brings a touch of nature's brilliance into your home.




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    Artisan Basket - Meadow

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