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  • ~ When the wind blows ~

    When the wind blows, stirring chills inside your body, I come out to comfort you.
    I will wrap you up in soothing snuggles and hold your marvelously made body until you know that all is well.

    ~ B'cause of You ~

    This hand crafted triangle shawl has a large hood and is the perfect accessory to help you stay warm and cozy in fall, on rainy days and chilly evenings, or when you step outside to watch the dance of the first snowflakes.

    70" x 39"

    20% wool
    80% acrylic

    For best care wash this shawl by hand in a mild detergent like Soak Wash. Squeeze water out gently and roll the shawl in a towel, squeeze gently again to remove excess water. Dry flat.
    Soak wash is available here

    Feel free to send me a request for a custom color combination, I would be happy to oblige.

    Pattern Nova Hooded Shawl
    by Katarina Damjanovic / Frankiekate

    While every effort is made to accurately display the true color of the yarns used, graphic settings on your device may slightly differ from the color shown.


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    Thanks so much for shopping with your fiber artist! 💕

    Diana, B'cause of You

    Nova Hooded Shawl

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