• Poppies! So gentle and beautiful a flower!
    Did you know this flower is called "Klaproos" in Dutch? Freely translated it's called "clapping rose" because it looks like the petals "clap" in the wind. Oeh! That made me think of the Flamenco! Let's dance!

    This mask is specially made for a woman who is outgoing and who wears gentleness wherever she goes.

    This 100 % cotton floral face mask has 3 layers, a filter pocket (filter not included), adjustable ear ties, and a flexible nose wire. This fitted face mask can also be used as a dust mask or a travel mask.

    Size: Adult

    . fitted face mask.
    . three layers of cotton fabric.
    . features elastic ear ties.
    . the fabric has been pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.
    . recommended to wash before first use and as needed.
    . can be ironed or steamed. Do not iron the elastic.

    Hand wash in a mild detergent, like SOAK. No rinsing required! Roll in a towel to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry.

    While every effort is made to accurately represent the true colors of the fabric used, monitor settings may affect the appearance of these colors on different screens.

    Please note:
    By purchasing this listing, you are acknowledging the fact these are not medical-grade masks. We do not claim any medical benefits with the use of these masks. Our masks are NOT medical masks and are NOT intended to prevent, treat, or cure any diseases. These masks are meant to use as a cover.

    Always wash your hands before putting your mask on and after you remove it.

    Fabric masks do not replace social distancing and are not intended as medical protection.

    Order 2 Fabric Masks today! So you can have one to wear, while you wash the other one!

    Poppy fitted face mask, floral face mask

    • Features:
      . 3 layers of cotton fabric.
      . filter pocket (filter not included).
      . flexible nose wire.
      . adjustable elastic ties.