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  • Handmaid luxury handcream is a hydrating, soothing care for your hardworking hands. Enriched with Shea butter, olive oil and vitamins A & E, handmaid rejuvenates skin and protects dry skin and is scented to match your favorite Soak frangrances.


    Apply sparingly, rub thoroughly. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly

    Soak Handmaid comes in 6 varieties, each equally delicious if you ask me!

    Scentless (Light blue):
    For your sensitive side. Clean and completely fragrance-free.

    Lacey (Grey):
    A blend of the soft scent of spring blossoms with the spicy sweetness of bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.

    Yuzu (Orange):
    A kiss of tart citrus and crushed eucalyptus. It’s fresh, sweet and undeniably delicious.

    Celebrations (Pink)
    Sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious. The essence of red rooibos tea - balances sweetness and softness.

    Pineapple Grove (Yellow)
    Sparkling top notes of Sweet Orange are fused with the soothing floral scent of Lilies. Tangy, tropical Pineapple, Orchid and Melon dance through the heart; and evolve into a sophisticated dry down of Sheer Musk.

    Fig (Green)
    Ripened fig and lychee and crowned by dandelions. Leave a hint of sweetness.

    Thanks so much for shopping with your caring Fiber specialist! You make my day!

    Diana, B'cause of You.

    Soak Handmaid

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