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  • Add a pop of vibrant color to your fresh produce with this Lollipop Artisan Basket. This exquisite basket features a lively blend of pink, red, white, and a touch of sparkle, capturing the playful and whimsical essence of a classic lollipop.


    Measuring 10" in diameter and 7" deep, it’s perfect for collecting fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden or during a stroll through your local farmer’s market. Spot clean to maintain its joyful beauty.


    Color Inspiration Story:

    The Lollipop Artisan Basket is inspired by the bright and playful colors of a lollipop. The vibrant pink and red symbolize the bold and sweet flavors of fresh produce, the white reflects the crisp, clean quality of garden-fresh items, and the hint of sparkle adds a wonderous touch reminiscent of childhood treats. Together, these colors create a joyful piece that brings a sense of fun and whimsy to your harvest.




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    Thanks so much for joining me on this fun journey! 💖



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    Artisan Basket - Lollipop

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