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  • Introducing the Artisan Basket - Secret Garden, a versatile and stylish companion for your nature walks and outdoor adventures.


    This beautifully handcrafted basket is perfect for collecting rose petals, herbs, or any favorite botanicals to create your own natural creams and lotions.


    This versatile basket can also be used as a gift basket, diaper bag, toy basket, market bag for fresh produce or flowers, bicycle basket, or simply for stylish storage.


    With a 10" diameter and 7" depth, it's the ideal size for carrying all your essentials.


    Handcrafted from a mix of hand-selected yarns and featuring faux leather handles, this basket is not only functional but also a beautiful work of art in itself.


    Add a touch of natural beauty to your daily journey with the Secret Garden Artisan Basket.




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    Thank you for being a part of my creative journey! 🌺



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    Artisan Basket - Secret Garden

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