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  • Embrace the enchanting warmth of summer evenings with this Summer Nights Artisan Basket.


    Handcrafted with care, this basket features a captivating blend of deep red, taupe, and black, reflecting the soothing and rich colors of a summer night sky.


    Measuring 10" in diameter and 7" deep, it’s ideal for adding an elegant touch to your home decor or for stylishly storing your cherished items. Spot clean to keep its exquisite charm.


    Color Inspiration:

    The Summer Nights Artisan Basket is inspired by the serene beauty of summer nights. The deep red evokes the lingering warmth of the sunset, the taupe mirrors the gentle glow of twilight over the landscape, and the black represents the peaceful night sky.


    These colors combine to create a sophisticated and tranquil piece that brings the essence of warm summer nights into your home.




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    Thanks so much for joining me on my journey! 💖



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    Artisan Basket - Summer Nights

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