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  • Transform your space with the vibrant colors of my Moroccan Oasis Artisan Basket.


    This stunning basket features an intricate blend of purple, gold, black, and green, inspired by the rich tapestries and vibrant marketplaces of Morocco.


    Measuring 10" in diameter and 7" deep, it's perfect for storing cherished items or adding an exotic touch to your home decor. Spot clean to preserve its intricate beauty.


    Color Inspiration: The Moroccan Oasis Artisan Basket captures the essence of Moroccan culture with its bold and vibrant colors. The deep purple symbolizes royalty and luxury, the gold reflects the opulence of ancient palaces, the black adds a touch of timeless elegance, and the green represents the lush gardens and oases found in the Moroccan desert. Together, they create a captivating piece that brings warmth and exotic charm to any space.




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    Thanks so much for enjoying pieces of art into your life 💖



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    Artisan Basket - Moroccan Oasis

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