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  • Add a touch of whimsy to your ensemble with a hair kerchief.


    This triangle headband, also known as a head kerchief or a hair bandana, is the perfect hair accessory for the girl or woman who loves the cottage core or bohemian aesthetic.


    Made from 100% cotton with lace detailing, this kerchief will add a back-to-nature vibe to any outfit. Available in both green and light green, it's the ideal accessory for spring and summer weather. Embrace the laid-back, carefree vibes with a green hair kerchief.

    A cute hair accessory that will give lots of compliments!

    This Boho Triangle Headband measures approximately 14" x 7" and the ties are approximately 10" long.

    If you would like a different color, feel free to send me a message. Custom orders are my jam!

    All crochet headbands are handmade by me and take about 1 week to complete before shipping.

    Monitor settings change per computer, so please be aware that slight color differences might be present.

    Care: Hand-wash in mild detergent. I prefer to use Soak delicate wash.
    Just add a mini soak to your order today!




    Thank you so much for shopping here! You make hearts sing 💖

    Diana, B'cause of You.

    Green Hair Kerchief

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