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  • Add a pop of color and a touch of handmade charm to your everyday with this hand crafted Purple Artisan Basket.


    This versatile basket features faux leather handles, making it suitable for use as a market bag, storage basket, sewing basket, or beach bag.


    The use of combined wool, cotton, and acrylic yarn ensures that this basket is sturdy and durable, perfect for carrying your essentials wherever you go.


    Measuring 10" in diameter and 7" deep, with faux leather handles approximately 15" long, this basket is spacious enough for all your needs. To keep it looking its best, simply spot clean as needed. This Purple Artisan Basket is a stylish and practical addition to your collection.

    Here are 3 more reasons why you need one in your space:

    1. Uniquely Handcrafted - Each basket is a testament to the skillful art of crochet, ensuring no two pieces are exactly alike.


    2. Eco-Friendly - Made with sustainable materials, they add a touch of sophistication without compromising the planet.


    3. Versatile Storage Solution - Whether for your knitting supplies, magazines, fruit or as a chic plant holder, these baskets serve countless purposes.


    Light up your home with a piece of art that tells a story. 🌟


    Want to learn more about how artisan crochet baskets can transform your space? 🌿 Send me a message and let’s chat!



    Thanks for shopping here!



    B'cause of You

    Purple Artisan Basket

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